Automate Your Workflows: Trafficking & Creative

DCO Masterclass - On-Demand

The leaders of programmatic media, digital marketing, and advertising operations who focus on the ROI of their personalized ad campaigns would all agree: the less manual labor is required of their teams, the closer they are in achieving an ROI

Here are a few significant inefficiencies impacting time and costs: 

  • Manual trafficking: teams labor over large, third-party tracker sheets to launch campaigns and then traffick them into DSPs.
  • Manual creative approvals: in a large marketing organization there exists many layers of approval across multiple stakeholders. This could significantly impact the campaign launch timeline.
  • Manual asset sharing makes cross-functional, cross-geo team collaboration difficult.

What if there's a way of using automation to free up your team so they can perform strategic, high value projects while saving hours and hours of repetitive tasks?

In this webinar, Jivox personalization experts will take you through a close-up look at using DCO to:

  • Automate trafficking, with Google Campaign Manager (GCM) as an example. Jivox has completed API-based automated integration with GCM. With the push of a button, Jivox automatically trafficks tags to DV360 and The Trade Desk alongside automated workflows for Facebook and other platforms.

  • Automate creative approvals to streamline the process while tracking stakeholders who have yet to approve.

  • Auto-sync creative assets enabled by an integration with Digital Asset Management (DAM) platforms, allowing multiple stakeholders to collaborate across different brand teams and markets.

Please join our experts to explore the benefits of using DCO to automate workflow and help you build a successful ad campaign!