Using First-Party Data With DCO 

DCO Masterclass - On-Demand

First-party data ownership is more critical than ever for effective digital marketing strategies and connecting shopper or transactional data is a key component of this. 

Omnichannel delivery powered by DCO and DSPs gives brands a streamlined way to show more precise messaging across the customer journey - especially with retail media on the rise to make an impact closer to the point of purchase than ever before.

Challenges facing brands today include:

  • Maximizing first-party data ownership to personalize marketing at scale
  • Activating data across the customer journey to reach prospects with intent
  • Ensuring engaging & relevant creative consistently across channels

Wondering how brands are able to achieve personalized ad experiences without 3rd party cookies across every touchpoint?

In this on-demand webinar, our partners at TheTradeDesk and Grivy have joined Jivox personalization experts to provide you with a starter toolkit for success:

  • Automate high-value transaction data flows, combining data from retailer platforms, shopper data, social and messaging data to advertising platforms. Each platform can improve the view of the consumer and increase ROI from campaigns.
  • Connect the entire path-to-purchase journey through interoperable platforms with seamless flows between data providers, DSP and DCO platforms. An integrated ecosystem is imperative in the privacy-first future.
  • Show personalized content via creative automation taking advantage of the data to automatically generate thousands of ads: one for every user’s preferences. Increase relevance, boost engagement and drive more sales.