Explore Cost Savings & ROI With Automated Creative & Decisioning For Cross-Channel Marketing

DCO Masterclass - On-Demand

What makes dynamic content optimization (DCO) the most powerful technology when it comes to personalizing 1:1 advertising, email and web experiences at scale


But not all DCOs are created equal. The difference lies in the degree of automation.

If you are not using the right technology, implementing DCO to personalize messaging at scale can be very time consuming, resource intensive, and downright expensive. 

Join Jivox personalization experts in this DCO Masterclass to explore:

  • DCOs available in the market, ranging from human-powered approach to smart, algorithm-driven automation and everything in between. What is the right technology for your personalized marketing strategy?
  • The right questions to ask in order to find a future proof DCO technology that can help you scale your advertising, email and website personalization campaigns over time.
  • The cost savings and ROI in deploying automated DCO for enabling personalized marketing campaigns (compared to the various degrees of automation).