Are you looking to ditch manual work, such as that in creative production? Having concerns about losing brand control over creative with DCO?

Here we show you how a truly automated DCO platform like Jivox can elevate your campaigns.

DCO Myth

"DCO uses dull, complicated coded templates that limit brands’ creativity, making it more difficult for teams to set up and maintain campaigns. This ultimately creates an adverse impact on ad campaign performance”

Debunked: True DCO Is Creative Flexibility, Automated

Today, with advanced DCO you can readily use your existing on-brand creative designs and automate the production process of thousands of variations without compromise.

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Achieve creative excellence at the speed of business

✅ Use your preferred design tools like Adobe Creative Cloud or Custom HTML5 formats

✅ Use cloud technology rather than manual people-power to achieve scale

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Used well, DCO-enabled creative automation can be a game-changer for your marketing team by increasing cost-efficiency and realizing ROI.

Offer designers complete freedom and flexibility with DCO Building Excellence with Creative Automation now!

Offer designers complete freedom and flexibility with DCO