Every marketer wants more time, whilst more and more consumers expect personalized ad experiences.

As brands look to scale up their personalization strategies with higher volumes of creative variations, marketers are understandably apprehensive about the possibility of a lot of extra effort:

  • Increased back-and-forth for creative approvals
  • More effort to traffic trackers and tags
  • Challenges with measuring and optimizing performance

But do more creatives necessarily equate to more work?

Let’s unpack this below. 

DCO Myth

"DCO requires a lot of resources to manage, especially when scaling up the complexity of personalization strategy or volumes of content variations. This could create more work, take more time and increase overall costs to maintain”

Debunked: Automated DCO Workflows Create Time & Deliver Personalization At Scale

Today, Jivox DCO workflow automation makes light work of scaling up your personalized marketing campaigns, without fear of extra work. In fact, the cost of doing nothing and sticking with manual creative production, approvals and trafficking could already be costing your team valuable time. 

Watch Jivox Personalization experts explain how workflow automation can prevent higher resource costs by:

✅ 1-Click Trafficking & Tag Syncing with the likes of Google Campaign Manager
✅ Removing back-and-forth with creative approvals and DAM integrations
✅ Working with your existing tech stack for audience data, media activation & analytics

Watch the full webinar: 3 Unbeatable Automated Personalization Capabilities now!

Save time and resources. Automate your campaign workflows today.