From Creative Production to Data-Driven Personalization

On-Demand Webinar

No two persons like the same wine, the same pies, the same clothes, and the same cars — not even twins. So when it comes to promoting your products, how effective do you think using just one or a few ads would be to address a large pool of consumers who have diverse needs, interests, and preferences?

In this on-demand, our experts will show you how to use DCO to create and automate thousands of variations with just one ad. They will also demonstrate personalizing ad messages using consented first-party and a wide range of contextual data across social, video/OTT, display advertising, email and website.

You will learn:

  • How modular creative approach allows you to create large volumes of personalized ads at a fraction of the production cost?
  • How to use data and decision graph to create 1:1 ad messages at scale?
  • How dynamic image transformation enables you to use the same assets for different channels requiring different ad formats?
  • How to manage multiple campaigns and workflows seamlessly across your enterprise?