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Combining the Best-in-Class Technologies

Through optimized media and creative, Jivox and Criteo’s integrated solution enables brands to build a 1:1 experience with the consumers while significantly reducing production costs.

Consumers today demand personalization. According to Jivox's Omni-channel benchmark report, personalized ads boost engagement 3x the industry benchmark. To create relevant experiences, marketers need to serve consumers personalized messages that recommend the right product in the right context. By joining forces, Criteo's media optimization technology informs Jivox which products to recommend for different audiences. Jivox, in turn, generates thousands of ad variations for each product on the fly, combining audience with contextual data to deliver the most relevant content to the targeted audiences.

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Increase ROI through Optimization across Media and Creative

The joint solution by Criteo and Jivox enables brands to optimize messaging and media in real-time, all the while reducing creative production costs.

Creative Optimization

Creative Optimization

Serve consumers the most engaging ad versions for the most relevant products

Media optimization

Media Optimization

Make media decisions in real-time to invest in the best-performing audiences.

Production Efficiency

Production Efficiency

Automate the creation of thousands of ad variations without compromising on the design.

“Criteo’s powerful demand-side platform is the perfect complement to our personalized marketing technology. Their data-driven approach to media buying is the gold standard in dynamic creative optimization, and we’re excited to take things to the next level for brands around the globe.”

-Diaz Nesamoney

CEO & Founder