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Hundreds of DCO platforms have features that seem impressive at first glance. But, how are they actually implemented? Will they tie you down with manual labour or scale up your campaigns using automation? And, how will they fit in across channels?

A big part of your marketing campaign success hinges on finding the best DCO platform that leverages automation to help you deliver sales–by bringing the most relevant product, offer, and recommendation to every individual customer during their moments of purchase intent.

Here are the kinds of questions for you to consider: 

✅ Can the platform generate creatives in any format, ready for any channel, in a single workflow?
✅ Are updates to decision rules, messaging and offers made quickly without logging into the platform?
✅ Are product recommendations powered by machine learning, and are they based on a user’s prior engagement on the website or with the ads?

A good DCO platform must grow with you, or else, it will hold you back. You don’t have to choose DCO platforms based on trial and error. Start with this checklist.