Activating Data With Automated Dynamic Creative Optimization

On-Demand Webinar

In the quickly evolving landscape of digital commerce and retail media, the path to success is paved with data and automation. Retailers activate customer data to serve highly relevant dynamic product ads to individual customers. Smart retailers are now discovering retail media as a new way to personalize advertising by utilizing data - making it easy for media teams of CPG brands to launch and scale a large number of campaigns without extensive manual creative development and approvals processes.
 In this on-demand webcast you’ll learn how Giant Eagle is able to scale their offerings for Leap Media Group, the grocer’s in-house retail media network using Jivox, a single omnichannel personalization platform built on cutting-edge dynamic creative optimization technology (DCO).

Expert speakers—all veterans of e-commerce and retail media—have unveiled insights for retail growth amid today’s ever-changing market conditions. In particular, how DCO can optimize the performance of creative in real-time.
You’ll also hear:
  • How Leap’s innovative use of DCO technology bolsters advertising partners’ dynamic and personalized creative capabilities while maintaining customers’ data privacy
  • How Jivox IQ DaVinci works in action, launching retail media campaigns in under 5 minutes
 Not all DCO technologies are created equal. Advertisers and retailers: Check out this on-demand webinar and learn how to leverage data, automation, and DCO to speed your campaign activation, boost product sales, and scale retail media.