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DCO For Direct-to-Consumer Selling

Joanna O'Connell, VP & Principal Analyst Of Forrester, Explains The Benefits Of Using DCO For Selling Direct-to-Consumer

dco-selling-ebookCOVID-19 caused the digital marketing landscape to become saturated, accelerating the need for brands to really know their customers or risk getting lost in the crowd. Pandemic aside, a growing need for privacy amongst consumers was already underway. 

In this eBook, Forrester's VP and Principal Analyst, Joanna O'Connell, discusses how brands selling direct-to-consumers should evaluate DCO for selling 1:1 to consumers.

Download this eBook to learn:

  1. Why brands should leverage first-party data and consumer identity for personalization?
  2. How can DTC brands use an omnichannel strategy for personalized eCommerce marketing?
  3. What are the key considerations for building a martech stack while scaling personalized ads?
  4. What KPIs should brands use to measure the ROI from DCO technology?


Download the eBook

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