Delivering Competitive Edge and Long-term Savings with Automation and New Ways of Working

In today's omni-channel world where consumers demand personalization--from e-commerce, news, sports to social networking sites--brands are increasingly investing in creative automation platforms. Choosing the right technology not only gives brands the ability to send relevant messaging and offers at the right moment but also allows them to scale personalization at a fraction of the cost (of manually creating versions of the ad).

This white paper provides insights into how large global brands are adopting automation tools and developing new ways of working in their creative production process to achieve efficiency and scale. You will learn:

  1. What are the challenges global brands face as they attempt to scale personalization
  2. How do they use DCO to achieve efficiency, and therefore, long-term savings
  3. Why the new ways of working is a key success factor in deploying DCO technology 

As a bonus feature, this paper includes Forrester's insight into a range of dynamic creative  technologies along with an analysis on "the 10 providers that matter most and how they stack up."

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