Industry-Dive Webinar Featuring Snowflake & Jivox

LP - Jivox-Mediamonk webinar June 2023 28 (1200 × 600 px) (6) (3)

On-Demand Webinar 

Conversions hinge on delivering the right message to the right customer, precisely when and where it matters. Data holds the key, and fortunately, most brands have data in spades. What they lack is a way to transform this massive amount of information into personalization gold.

It’s time for a shift in strategy. Discover why the superpower of your DCO is optimization, not more creativity. In this webinar, you’ll see first-hand how to:

  • Leverage petabytes of data and AI algorithms for hyper-personalization
  • Use ChatGPT-based queries for real-time, granular insights
  • Apply a “data clean room” and other data privacy best practices
  • Capture consented data across channels for a holistic view of your customer