An AdAge Presentation Featuring The Trade Desk, Shoppable, & Jivox

On-Demand Webinar

One of the most profound disruptions in digital advertising has been the dramatic rise of retail media networks, with chain retailers, hospitality, banking, travel brands and many more extending advertising opportunities on their own websites.

Often referred to as “commerce media,” this booming ad ecosystem is expected to hit $50 billion this year, signaling a true breakthrough in digitally driven, personalized commerce marketing.

It also represents a significant opportunity for marketers ready and willing to leverage a growing knowledge base about consumer propensity to purchase. In fact, commerce media may represent a much richer data source for advertising purposes than even social media, and offer a bigger marketing opportunity.

In this on-demand webinar, Jivox and a panel of thought leaders explore how brands can use best-of-breed tools and consumer data to stay on the right side of the personalized commerce marketing revolution.

Topics include:

  • Managing content and ad delivery by purchase data across multiple retail networks.
  • How consumers trade data in exchange for personalized shopping experiences.
  • New commerce marketing cloud tools that optimize retail media campaigns.
  • How dynamic ads can personalize and extend product choices that consumers view online.