First-Party Data, Personalized Dynamic Creative, & AI-based Recommendations 

Virtual Fireside Chat with AdWeek
Driving sales is at the heart of every e-commerce marketing strategy. What this means is moving from the broad reach and frequency messaging to the very precise and relevant messaging at the product level. In digital sales, you need performance marketing, or 1:1 personalized marketing, to engage individual consumers with a specific product or offer, moving them down the path of purchase. Whether you are just starting the e-commerce journey, or natively born into digital commerce, automation is key to scale personalization from creative variations to recommendations that lead to sales.

In this on-demand, Jivox CEO, Diaz Nesamoney chats with AdWeek about key technologies that enable brands to scale e-commerce marketing personalization. You will learn:
  • How to use different types of data as personalization triggers, as well as predictor of products the consumers are seeking to buy at these micro moments
  • How dynamic creative technology should be used to automate the personalization of thousands of creative variations with a single ad
  • How AI "learns” a product is relevant to a specific consumer based on their purchase intent

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