DCO Masterclass - On-Demand

Everyone talks about ROI.

Not everyone helps you quantify how you would recoup costs, create time for your teams or increase sales through DCO technology.

The personalization pioneers at Jivox have been hard at work building a model to help brands assess where they can automate production, workflows and performance optimization to improve efficiency and ultimately, return on investment.

Whether you are just starting out with creative automation or are running sophisticated omnichannel personalization strategies; it is essential to know all the areas where value-add is being brought in.

Tune in for a run-through of DCO ROI and learn:
  • How ROI is spread across the entire creative & media value chain and ways to calculate it

  • How automation capabilities have a tangible impact on speed-to-market and the bottom line

  • Estimate how Jivox could help your business scale personalization with a free ROI study today

Want to get a head start? Check out our recent session for more on the ways Jivox is innovating in automated DCO.