Drive Personalized Advertising Success With Automation

DCO Masterclass - On Demand

Discover the ROI metrics that smart marketers focus on, including cost and time savings, increased engagement and conversions, customer's lifetime value, the effectiveness of advertising spend and more.

By leveraging the power of automated personalization, you can measure and optimize your entire campaign lifecycle, from creative, through workflows, to performance.

Join our expert panel to learn how to succeed at any level of your personalization experience, using the right KPIs to drive success. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your advertising strategy by aligning campaign KPIs with your CMO’s broader business metrics.

You will walk away with understanding:

  • What KPIs are relevant if you:
    - Plan to start your personalization journey (Crawl)?
    - Have some experience with personalization (Walk)?
    - Use sophisticated logic and a variety of data triggers in your campaigns (Run)?
  • How do KPIs vary for the "crawl" stage if you are in retail, CPG, travel, hospitality, banking, automotive, or telecom sector?
  • What KPIs are relevant to all industries? What KPIs are industry-specific? (Retail vs CPG)
  • How do campaign metrics align with the business' north star metrics?