Personalize Your Shoppable® Ads - Episode 1

On-Demand Webinar

Personalized commerce ads help you develop a 1:1 relationship with consumers through a seamless Universal Checkout experience going from an ad, to purchase, in one click.
Shoppers buy within the ad, selecting their choice of merchants, with no link-out or redirect to a retail site. You’ll also gain deep insight into each customer’s buying journey across different channels.
Join Heather Marie Udo, CEO, Shoppable® and Nimay Parekh, VP Product & Growth, Jivox in a presentation of the key strategies for personalizing ads with relevant messaging, products, and offers in a post-cookie world, along with a demo of the product.
You will learn:
  • The role of Identity and consented 1P order data as a privacy-first personalization trigger for building trust with your consumers
  • Automated recommendations of the best selling products to increase relevance
  • The use of personalized commerce ads to reduce purchase friction for customers, while capturing shopper behavior analytics, in real-time, to enable true attribution