“Relevance, precision and speed” are brand marketers’ dream when they seek to create with consumers a one-to-one experience that is consistent across all channels and devices.

The challenge is finding a highly effective, cost efficient real time solution to personalize digital ad content–precisely at the moment when individual consumers are thinking about buying a specific product.


In this 30-minute on-demand webinar, you’ll see how best-of-breed brands combine data, omni-channel, format and machine learning to deliver highly personalized dynamic creatives that convert. You will learn:

    How to use data to personalize creatives–programmatically on the fly–that are beautiful, give the best experience and serve via the right channels.
    How to trigger layers of data –such as weather, temperature, relative conditions, time of day, seasons, interests–to create relevance.
  • SPEED:
    How to apply data, rules and AI to optimize your ad strategy, right now


Watch the On-demand Webinar