Retail Media Roundtable: Staying Ahead Of The Curve

On-Demand Webinar

We’ve been talking Retail Media with the Digital Shelf Institute and have plenty of insights for you to get stuck into. 

 Our Retail Media Roundtable is now available on-demand so you can catch up at your leisure.
 Here’s what we discussed:
  • Where the growth is likely to come from (hint: it may not happen on the retailer's website)
  • How retailers are setting up their Retail Media businesses for success.
  • How brands are adapting their digital marketing and creative processes to account for Retail Media
  • How Product Detail Pages (PDPs) have evolved as a powerful tool for storytelling
  • And much more!
 So take 30 mins out of your busy day to get up to speed with Lauren, Mark & Deepali below.