Personalized Dynamic Creative Optimization Helped F1000 Brands To Deliver $1B in ROI

An ROI Analysis with Case Studies

2020.6.24 A F500 Brand's Cost Savings Graph

DCO, or dynamic creative optimization, is the underlying technology powering the Jivox personalization platform, which uses creative automation, data-driven decisioning, and omnichannel delivery to empower brands to build a 1:1 communication with individual consumers. Brand marketers know that, today, they need to serve relevant content to each consumer at the micro moments consistently across all channels. 

This shift to creating and serving relevant content to consumers using the traditional approach is negatively impacting the return on investment (ROI). It is very expensive to build personalized creative versions one by one--manually.

The good news is, the world's leading brands have been using DCO technology to automate and scale personalization at a fraction of the cost of the traditional manual approach. 

Jivox's new ROI analysis of its predominantly Fortune 1000 and Global 2000 customers shows significant savings with increased efficiency and scale using the Jivox DCO technology. The results:

$642 million cost savings and over $1 billion in ROI throughout 2019.

Creative production costs and media performance improvements were analyzed using an ROI model--showing the differences in cost, pre- and post-Jivox DCO technology deployment, across the production of digital marketing creative and content in display, social, video advertising, email personalization and dynamic personalized web pages.