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An Adweek Presentation "The Power Of First-Party Identity" Featuring Liveramp & Jivox

On-Demand Webinar

Post-cookie digital marketing success requires brands to get much better at advertising products that are relevant to each individual consumer. Creative engagement will come from using first-party data to identify the right messaging, product information and offering. Brands will need to personalize their advertising, email and even website experiences with dynamic creative.

Hear from Jivox President and CEO Diaz Nesamoney and LiveRamp SVP Travis Clinger about why the next battle for consumer attention will be fought with data and identity. You’ll find out:

  • The importance of personalized dynamic creative in the post-cookie, post-Covid era

  • How brands should evaluate the effectiveness of their digital marketing campaigns, especially in around the area of walled gardens vs. open web

  • What you should know about the pros and cons of cohorts vs first-party data personalization