eCommerce Marketing 101 - Episode 2
On-Demand Webinar

eCommerce campaigns are synonymous with feeds. From product information and availability to price and delivery options— feeds can be a powerhouse of information and are often critical to the success of your campaigns.
However, managing feeds can often get cumbersome, time-consuming, and manual. The good news? With the right technology partner, you can automate much of this work.
In our first webinar, we introduced key capabilities that enable the personalization of e-commerce campaigns to maximize sales and engagement. Join us for part two where we have taken a deep dive into the world of feeds.
Here’s what you’ll learn:
  • The different types and formats of feeds typically used in eCommerce campaigns
  • How large global brands are using feeds and the common problems they encounter
  • How to use the right technology to make your feeds do the heavy lifting and power data-driven personalized advertising campaigns