DCO Masterclass - On-Demand

Is your brand starting out on the journey to personalized creative?

Have you had negative experiences with templated and off-brand mass-produced ads before?

Do you want to start driving ROI with creative automation ASAP?

The term ‘automation’ can have a negative connotation in creative production. Most automation tools in the market force brands to compromise on their creativity by restricting ad design with rigid, inflexible templates.
However, to succeed with Dynamic Content Optimization (DCO) brands need a balance of both creative freedom and automation.
You will learn how to:
  • Understand the technology that enables personalization whilst maintaining creative excellence.
  • Use a modular creative approach to create large volumes of personalized variations using a single ad, fast.
  • Continually optimize creative using algorithms to serve the most relevant messages to customers.

Join us for a masterclass where Jivox experts will demonstrate how you can use DCO technology to automate the generation of personalized variations at scale while having complete creative freedom.