Learn To Use Identity And Data Clean Rooms

On-Demand Webinar

Looking for a privacy-compliant way to tie together previously disjointed insights across the open web and walled gardens?

Building an omnichannel personalization strategy but missing critical insights to assess performance throughout the customer journey?

Concerned about your brand’s ability to measure ROAS without third-party cookies?

In anticipation of third-party cookies going away, more restrictive walled gardens, and stricter privacy regulations, connecting the dots across customer journeys has never been so challenging. This webinar seeks to provide solutions to these challenges; empowering you to build privacy-first 1:1 personalized DCO experiences and analyze what drives ROAS for your brand. 

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about:

  • First-Party Deterministic Identity Graphs & privacy-compliant attribution across walled gardens 
  • How to use real-time analytics and collaborate with partners via Data Clean Rooms to take control of your brand’s customer engagement data 
  • Capabilities that provide brands a holistic insight into the customers' journey and improve ROAS

Download now to put Identity & Data Clean Rooms at the forefront of your DCO strategies.