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Jivox IQ Identity Graph (IQiD)

Empowering brands to build 1:1 relationships with consumers
without relying on third-party cookies


Personalization Without Third-Party Cookies

Jivox IQiD enables dynamic creative (DCO) personalization by combining first-party data with contextual triggers. Brands now have the power to build 1:1 relationships with individual consumers without relying on third-party cookies. Using consented data that they owned, coupled with real-time contextual data to signal the right place and moment, brands can deliver omnichannel personalization while being compliant with regulations, including GDPR and CCPA.

IQiD is the only digital marketing personalization solution that uses hybrid cloud technology to address user identity challenges.

Today's Challenges Using 'Silent Tracking'

For many years, marketing and advertising technology platforms have been using third-party cookies—often without user consent—to identify users and their preferences. This is known as ‘silent tracking.’

Browsers including Apple Safari and Firefox are blocking third-party cookies. Google Chrome is expected to soon follow suit. Fingerprinting, which uses unique browser information to identify users, has been proposed as an alternative technology to allow brands to personalize advertising. Increasingly, browsers are disabling fingerprinting as it is also a form of silent tracking.


Powering Personalization with Consented First-Party

Jivox’s IQiD technology is developed for brands to use vast amounts of their consented first-party data—in a privacy compliant manner — to personalize consumer experiences. This is opt-in data by consumers who have chosen to engage with or purchase from the brand.


Unlike other platforms that run outside the brand’s firewall, IQiD runs within the brand domain.

Data collection uses brand’s consent technology and privacy compliance architecture.

Without relying on third-party cookies or fingerprinting techniques, IQiD acts much like a brand’s CRM.

Hybrid Cloud Container Technology
Enables First-Party Data Access


Jivox IQiD communicates in real-time with Jivox IQ to deliver first-party data tied to the user. Jivox IQ then uses this data to power real-time decisioning, through its Personalization Hub™ technology that stores and combines those user attributes with other contextual triggers to deliver a precisely tailored message, or content, to the consumer.