Personalize Your Shoppable® Ads - Episode 2

On-Demand Webinar

Wondering how you can simplify the steps between ad serve and checkout to drive sales?

Are your customers frustrated by disjointed experiences between seeing your ads and landing on retailer websites?

Join Jivox and Shoppable® for a walkthrough of how to solve these challenges by connecting personalized ad creative, integrated branded checkout pages, and purchase insights in one cohesive commerce marketing campaign.

In our previous webinar, we introduced viewers to the concept of headless commerce through our partnership with Shoppable® and shared strategies for reducing friction in the conversion process taking into account industry trends.

This 30-minute session focusses on recorded demos of the Jivox X Shoppable® integration. You will learn:

  • How Jivox allows brands to automate the production of dynamic product ads at scale – without compromising on creative expression
  • How headless commerce enables Shoppable® ad experiences to streamline the purchase process from Jivox-produced ads
  • How Shoppable empowers brands to connect purchase insights from retailers to their omnichannel marketing investments